Thursday, 7 February 2008

Hat Napping Sweeps the USA

Another audacious hat napping occurred yesterday in Freemont, California. Agent Fergus Fedora of the HIA (HatNapping Intelligence Agency) said that there may be several gangs involved.

Details of yesterday’s incident were reported as follows:

9:10 AM - The target arrives at work, wearing the victim.

9:15-10:25 AM - Hatnapper lying in wait to commit hatnapping.

10:30 AM - Target goes to make a phone call.

10:35 AM – HatNapper Strikes! Ransom note 1 is left on target's desk.

10:46 AM - Hatnapper delivers second ransom note with picture of hat and daily newspaper.

11:11 AM - Target returns to desk. Hat Gone! Finds picture of Hat and Ransom Note!

11:15 – 11:59 AM - Hatnapper delivers third ransom note to Water Cooler!

1:20 PM - Target sources rubber bands.

2:11 PM - Target sources paperclips.

2:30 PM – Ransom Delivered.

3:00 PM - Innocent party returns victim (Hat) to target.

Agent FF says that this was a well planned hat napping, but if you should find yourself a victim of a hat napping then you should call the HIA. Not all hat nappings have a happy ending.

Friday, 1 February 2008

Lolita bed shows Ghost of Incompetence still haunts Woolworths

Lolita BedYou would expect that anyone in their right mind would know that naming a range of beds for young girls as the ‘Lolita’ range would be considered bad taste.

Well, not if you worked for Woolworths apparently.

A Woolworth’s spokeswoman said: “Now this has been brought to our attention, the product has been removed from sale.”

Who was responsible for this farce?

Is there anyone in the Woolworth’s organization paying attention to what is happening in their stores?