Thursday, 28 April 2005

Thousands Die! Blood Sucking Parasites cause chaos in Iraq

When reading a forum post on the web, I always like to read the little quotations people add to their signatures. A most topical one which I read recently was “Never have I seen a word as accurate as politics, poly meaning ‘many’ and tic being a blood-sucking parasite”.

Should we more properly refer to the US president, George Bush, or the UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, as the chief blood sucking parasites?

The election process is one of these occasions when we have to endure these blood sucking parasites asking us to allow them to continue their plunder.

We should not mention, and maybe best forget, free train tickets, fast tracking nanny grannies, our need for one legged Romanian roofers, Andrew Gilligan, who appears to have been sacked for being as close to the truth as one may dare, or that little adventure in Iraq.

No need for headlines like “Thousands Die! Blood Sucking Parasites cause chaos in Iraq”.

Remember parasites do not mourn the dead. They just move on to their next victims. Thousand die, Tony and George move on. With nepotism rife and sycophants rampant, democracy will die!

An election is our chance to remove the parasites. We must remove the parasites.

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