Monday, 21 January 2008

Labour MP Ronnie Campbell in a bind over National Fetish day

Honestly, some of our MPs need to get out more. The former miner and Labour MP for Blyth Valley, was approached and asked to wear something purple to support national fetish day. He said he would wear a purple shirt.

Unfortunately for Ronnie, he did not really know what a fetish was.

Now I am sure that there must be a few honourable members who could enlighten him, maybe someone from the Tory benches could come to his aid.


Gary said...

Dear old Ronnie Campbell - he used to be my local MP when I lived oop north - during the miners strike he could be found in a small rowing boat out in Blyth harbour trying to stop foreign colliers from landing coal on our shores.

Such a shame they always chose to avoid his boat.

DrowseyMonkey said...